Restored Vows: A Porn Recovery Series for Couples

Join Brandon and Tonia on a candid journey, where they reveal their darkest moments and share what they did to find healing and hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

What You'll Learn...

We learned that our battle is not with each other." -Tonia Clark

In this free, 14-day video series, Brandon and Tonia share their story and show you how recovery and restoration is possible.
You’ll learn practical steps that promote honesty, understanding, and trust. Restored Vows gives you the tools you need to start improving your relationship today.  
Brandon and Tonia’s marriage has now been free from porn since September of 2018, and their relationship is stronger than they ever imagined.

Understand each others struggle with porn in your relationship.


Discover how porn impacts many areas of your relationship. Not just sex.


Learn practical steps to rebuild trust and promote healing in your marriage. 


Learn where the porn use began and how it impacts your relationship. 


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We learned that our battle is not with each other."
-Tonia Clark


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Brandon and Tonia Clark have been married since October 2014. They have a beautiful daughter, whom God blessed them with after six years of infertility. They live on a small hobby farm in Minnesota, where there is plenty of work, play, and most importantly, love to go around each day.

Meet Brandon and Tonia

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Daily Videos

Each day, Brandon and Tonia will share a brief part of their story to help guide you in your own marital journey.

Supplemental Readings

Each video will be accompanied by a short reading to help you understand the principles behind Brandon and Tonia’s struggles and recovery.

You’ll be provided several questions to talk through as a couple, as well as a daily Scripture reading to help you learn more about each other and draw back to each other.

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Questions and Scripture Reflections

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Brandon and Tonia come to us today as an ordinary couple who went through years of marital struggles while Brandon used, and eventually recovered from, pornography. 

With real-life experience and practical insights from their journey, Brandon and Tonia seek to help couples come together to talk through pornography's impact and the road to recovery.