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An ally is someone who you can choose to receive your Covenant Eyes reports. If you can't think of someone right now, that's fine. An ally is important, but it's more important to just get started.

You asked and we listened. We're introducing some brand new, customer-requested beta features to better serve you and the ones you love. 

Activity Feed

A scrollable, filterable feed of device activity and information is available in the Victory app. 

Our 3-class rating model uses patented AI to determine if content is explicit, suggestive, or clean. 

All content in the activity feed is blurred by design and secured with AES 256-bit encryption to protect user privacy and ally integrity.

Activity is rated, then explicit and suggestive content is flagged for review in your activity feed.

New Feature

Covenant Eyes helps you and the ones you love live free from porn through transformative accountability relationships.

The Covenant Eyes app monitors activity on your devices. The Victory app shares your activity feed right to your ally's phone.

Together these powerful tools support and strengthen your accountability relationships like never before. 

Accountability Leads To Victory


Wherever you are in your journey, Covenant Eyes can help you and your loved ones live porn-free.



The #1 app for quitting porn and protecting the ones you love just got even better! Covenant Eyes is launching a new app that takes accountability to a new level. We’re calling it Victory, and we’d love for you to try it.


Your First Steps Toward Victory

Getting started is easy.

2 Apps, One Simple Path to Victory

Covenant Eyes 

The Covenant Eyes app is the same app you've been using and it still functions the same way. The app sits quietly on all of your devices, monitors your screen activity, and provides protection through blocking. Nothing new to install or set up, the app is ready to go with your current subscription. 

Sensor app

Monitors & Protects

Uses Artificial Intelligence to scan for concerning activity

Goes on all of your devices

Provides access to filtering for additional protection

The Victory App

The Victory app is your new home for activity, alerts, and content. Email reports are replaced with an easy-to-use in-app activity feed, alerts are delivered if concerning activity is detected, and specially curated content to help both you and your ally is accessible right from the app. 

Companion app

Connects & Reflects

Easy-to-use activity feed

Activity alerts & check-in reminders

Specially designed mini-courses to help you and your ally navigate the journey to quit porn



The Covenant Eyes app monitors your activity. The Victory app does everything else. It's that simple.

Porn is a human problem. 
VictoryTM is a human solution.


Allies can set check-in reminders.

Activity alerts deliver quick notifications if explicit content is accessed.

Peace of mind knowing if concerning activity is detected, allies will be notified. 

Gain additional strength and peace of mind with check-in reminders and activity alerts.

New Feature


Understand the power of accountability and how to support others in their journey. 

Discover other important topics that everyone needs to know in the journey to quit porn.

Learn how porn affects our neurology and the psychology behind habitual porn use.

Gain access to specially created mini-courses designed to help in the journey to a life free from porn.

New Feature

Where the tech happens

Where the accountability happens

The Victory app by Covenant Eyes helps you and the ones you love live free from porn through transformative accountability relationships.

Porn is a human problem. 
VictoryTM is a human solution.

Where the tech happens

Where the accountability happens

What is the activity feed?


 Victory Is the Answer

Click below to read answers to some commonly asked questions.  

Why two apps?What is a 3-class rating model?What are activity alerts?What can I learn in the Victory app?
Is Victory available for my ally?How do I install the Victory app?How is Victory better than my current service?How are you protecting my privacy?

New features are brand new and exclusive to the Victory app. These features are continuing to be updated and refined based on your feedback. As a result, not all features may be fully functional at this time. Your feedback will help us make it better. 

Or keep reading to learn how it works!

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How much does Victory cost?

Watch this video to see how it works.

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